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Short stays

The IRN-POM supports young researchers who wish to spend a short period abroad to further specialize in their research field or to undertake knowledge-gathering assignments. In this way, the IRN-POM encourages mobility and international contacts between research groups.

November 10th-17th, 2019

Surav Bhattacharya, post-doc in the group of Pr U. Kortz (Jacobs University; Bremen; Germany) stays one week at the University of Versailles in the group of Pr E. Cadot.
The objective of the visit of Mr. S. Bhattacharya was the characterization of polyoxopalladates by advanced NMR methodologies. These studies were carried out under the responsibility of Dr. M. Haouas, Researcher in the MIM team. The results were extremely positive since they made it possible to determine the conditions for the acquisition of NMR signals of 102Pb, 119Sn in the solid state and in liquid solution. This preliminary work will make it possible to initiate formalized collaborations within the framework of the IRN SMART-POM.