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MIM (Molecules • Interactions • Materials)

The activity of the MIM team merges complementary expertises from the synthesis of new inorganic molecules (POMs) or materials (MOFs) to the advanced studies of their properties using specific methods (NMR spectroscopy (liquid and solid), X-ray diffraction (single-crystal and powder...).
The study and the understanding of the supramolecular interactions of inorganic molecular objects (Polyoxometalates, Clusters ...) with organic substrates is an important part of our activity for designing modular devices relevant for different applications (catalysis, molecular electronics and optics, biology). We are currently studying MOF-based materials relevant for many applications such as photocatalysis (water splitting), biomedicine (nano-MOFs as drug delivery agent), filtration and separation (MOFs as active components in membrane composites), environmental depolluting (bioMOF system containing micro-enzymes).


Contact Person: Emmanuel Cadot, emmanuel.cadot@uvsq.fr
Contact Address: Institut Lavoisier de Versailles, UMR8180, Université de Versailles Saint Quentin, 45 avenue des Etats Unis, 78035 Versailles, CEDEX
Group website: http://www.ilv.uvsq.fr/molecules-interactions-materiaux-mim-/

Avalaible techniques

Multinuclear NMR (liquid and solid), UV-Vis-NIR, electrochemistry, X-ray diffraction (single-crystal and powed)


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